Avih understands that the information technology has increased exposure to job opportunities for IT Professionals. We believe, exposure only makes you aware of what’s available, It does not tell you if the opportunity is a good fit. Variables like pay and job responsibility are straightforward. It’s the human element that usually ends up being the biggest question mark. We understand the structure and culture of the companies we do business with. We take the time necessary to understand the objectives of the consultants we contract with. As a result we have successfully created numerous symbiotic relationships between our consultants like you and client companies. But what differentiates Avih is the people we hire and the service they provide.

The Difference

Avih knows that there are many technology companies to choose from. Most staffing companies present contract opportunities, pay an hourly wage, process payroll and provide benefit options. Avih does these things too, but what differentiates Avih is the people we hire and the service they provide. All Avih Applicants must pass a thorough interview process. All hired employees participate in ongoing training programs and become automatic members in our mentorship programs. Team effort is big at Avih and we work hard to maintain a happy work environment. We like to make things happen and we like to have a good time doing it. We’re different than the rest because of the people we hire and the way we treat them.

For Employers

Avih’s reputation is established as the staffing and human resources expert. With more than three decades of experience we are a dynamic independent staffing company.