The Staffing Experts

Avih’s reputation is established as the staffing and human resources expert. Eqipped with diverse experience we are a dynamic independent staffing
company with proven track record.

Our experience and reputation is built on consistent service delivery and understanding of the business climate.

A Strong Reputation Among Candidates

In Avih’s annual survey of temporary employees, more than 95 percent of respondents said Avih had more opportunities and better service than other staffing companies.

Talent Referrals

More than half our candidates are identified through referrals from satisfied clients and employees. This is a testament that Avih is seen as the ideal place to work.

Our Partnership Approach

When you work with us you’ll find that the first thing we do is learn about you. We believe that the time we invest works to the benefit of everyone and sets the tone for a lasting relationship.

We’ll meet your hiring managers to acquaint them with the Avih and to gain a thorough understanding of your company—its history, corporate culture, and work environment.

This information helps us learn how to best support your staffing requirements, the first time and over time. In everything we do, we live up to our motto of providing great jobs with great companies for great people.

Improved Performance

Our reputation was built on the foundations of consistent service delivery of first class staffing and human resource solutions. This reliable service ensures that Avih places only the highest quality candidates. You get the benefit of working with all of our staffing experts throughout The Avih Family of Companies.

Quality Talent

As good as the company itself, AVIH provides only the quality candidates to its clients. With this in mind, recruitment and screening of quality talent is a way of life at Avih. We want only the most qualified candidates representing us.


For Candidates

Avih has built its reputation on providing exceptional customer service. Our goal is for you to have the most positive experience possible finding a job.